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Adult Training

Youth Protection Training
  • Youth protection training is required for all adults who will be interacting with scouts and must be renewed every 2 years.  You can take it online and it only takes about 20 minutes.  Go to:
Record Keeping
It is important that we keep our records up-to-date, so please when you complete a course, please inform Karl Shackelford so he can update our TroopMaster database.
Specific Training Needs
In order to offer certain activities to our scouts and train scouts, we need adults or scouts trained in various special areas including CPR, Lifeguard, Leave No Trace, Climbing, Archery and Shooting.
Adult Recognitions
Joe McMordie Award - Awarded to scouters of Troop 410 for demonstrating exemplary leadership, service, and scout spirit.
Boy Scout Knot Awards - Various awards are available and are described further here:
Trained Patch - Given to those who complete the training requirements for their positions