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Troop Committee

Position Current  Past-2015-2016Past-2014-2015 Past Past Past Past ...
Committee Chair  Matt domsch
 Ron LuceyMike Ryan Glenn Jones & Karen Miller Patrick HillTom McClure
Roy Kleinsasser
Scoutmaster Steve Reedy

Scoutmaster Aides-
Keith Savage & Joseph Schmidt
Tom Hunter,
Keith Savage,
Joseph Schmidt,
Keith Arnold
Marc Vandament,
Tom Hunter
Keith ArnoldEric Swenson Jim Clark, Joe Denton
Activities Coordinator <open> Monique Munoz (files tour permits) Glenn Jones, Karen Miller Brad Chandler Neal Hagood
 Adult Recognitions Coordinator
Reviews records maintained by training coordinator to identify if adults have earned either BSA or Troop-level recognitions    
 <open>   Karen Miller  
Adult Recruiter    
Identify ways to get more adults involved in troop operations; invite newly-graduated scouts to join alumni group on Facebook                       
 <open>   Karen Miller  
Adult Wrangler Simon Dunning     
Adult Training Coordinator  Tex Mitchell Tex Mitchell
Karl Shackelford Tom McClure   
Advancement Coordinator
  Scout activities & service
  Applications & training
Advancement Recorder
 Tim Farell

John Otken and Megan Kressin
 John OtkenJohn Otken Glenn Jones  Kent Collins
   Celeste Hill
   Karl Shackelford
 Tom Hackett
Merit Badge Coordinator  <open> Joseph Schmidt Sara Duncan   
Board of Review Coordinator  <open>   Becky Knapik/Mark Holbrook  Patty & Garner Vogt 
Eagle Advisers Tom Hunter Michael Sullivan
Tom Hackett
Eric Swenson
Pat Hill

Tom McClure
 Joe Denton 
 Patrol AdvisorsKeith S.- Emerald Dragons
Karl S. - Flaming Aces
Matt W.- Alpha
Mark L./ Marc V.- Lone Star
Dean M.- Blackhawk
 Keith Savage, Matt Whipple, Karl Shackleford, Tex Mitchell, Matt DomschKeith Savage, Leland Snell   
Chaplain  <open> Therese Baer  Steven Weintraub   
Charter Organization Rep (October)  Carlie Dos Santos Kelley Reeder Garrett Martin   John Miller 
Court of Honor Coordinator Tex Mitchell 
Celeste Hill  Lou Clark 
Founder's Day Dinner Coordinating committee  
 Tom McClure
Fundraising Coordinator
  Sausage sales
  Car washes
  Mulch sales
  Popcorn Kernel
  Popcorn Booth Coordinator
  Eeyore's cleanup
  Garden Boxes

Stephen Harris
Melanie Dunning

Dan Joyce
Melanie Dunning

   Dan Joyce, Matt George
   Melanie Dunning

Greg Randle
Elizabeth Cole
Reenie Collins
Mark Holbrook & Tom
Lisa Payne, Hunter
Celeste Hill
Karen Miller
Karen Miller
Keith Arnold

Celeste Hill
 Eric Swenson

Celeste Hill/Sharon W
Friends of Scouting  Stephen Sherwood 2017 Matt Domsch
Art Shearer, Brad Chandler Brad Chandler Joseph SchmidtKeith Arnold, Roy Kleinsasser
Chief Medical Officer
 <open> Joseph SchmidtJoseph Schmidt
Instructor Adviser <open>     
New Scouts Coordinator  Tim Farrell Joseph Schmidt
Joseph Schmidt Rick Campa Mike Ryan 
Membership Coordinator
  Pack 28
  Pack 55
  Pack 59
Mike Ryan
Pack 2- Michael Helmbrecht
Pack 55- Dean Melendrez
Pack 59- Stephen Sherwood
 Pat Hill
   Ron Lucey
   Steve Reedy
 Varshna Jackson
 Suzan Nyfler
 Kent & Reenie Collins

Celeste Hill

Sharon Westphal
NYLT Coordinator  <open>     
PR Training / Troop Evangelist     <open>     
Outdoor Ethics Advisors Anna Langston
Steve McDaniel
Quartermaster Tom Tweedel Tom Tweedel
Tim Diller  Tom Hackett
 Glenn Jones, Keith Arnold
Community Service Coordinator
   Mobile Loaves and Fishes
   Scouting for Food
UUMC-Open Door
 Steven Weintraub
  Aimee Randle
  Aimee Randle
OA Coordinator Tom Hunter     
Tour Permits    Kim Mitchell     
  Fundraising Allocations
Finance Chair (check writing authority)
William Russo

Matt Domsch
 Lisa Payne
   Susan Schultz
   Varshna Jackson
Varshna Jackson
   Michelle Hunter
   Kristi and Blake Stanford
Elizabeth Moseley
   Tom McClure
   Jim & Sharon Westphal
 Bill Bohls

Lou Clark
Summer Camp
Jeff Lowther Jeff LowtherCeleste Domsch Latha Joyce Daphne McMurrer

Joseph Schmidt 
Steven Weintraub
Sea Base Adviser Matt DomschCeleste DomschEric Swenson, Brad Chandler
Glenn Jones Bill Pitts 
Philmont Adviser   <open>  Tom Hunter, Karen Miller Tom Hackett Pat Hill Jim Clark
Northern Tier Adviser   <open> 
Brad Chandler Jim ClarkTom McCluree 
Chisholm Trail 
 <open> Karl Shackelford Terry Payne Tom Hackett
 Historian Advisor
Works with Scout historian to ensure that photos are on website. Works with Shutterfly owners to ensure that everyone who needs access to Shutterfly site has the access   
Tom Tweedel Neal Hagood  Karen Miller  
 Shutterfly Photo Site Owners    Tom Tweedel Tom TweedelTom Tweedel
Pat Hill
 Kerren Campa  
 YPT Coordinator    Gloria Walls     
 Youth Position Coordinator    Tom Hunter     
 Bugler Adviser <open>     
 Instructor Adviser <open>     
 Webmaster Adviser Keith Savage  Keith Savage / Tex Mitchell Glenn Jones Matthew George Bill Pitts 
 Librarian Adviser     Joseph Schmidt     
 Troop Guide Adviser     Joseph Schmidt     
 Den Chief Adviser <open>