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Friday, January 12th -  Sunday, January 14th

The Scouts attending this campout went to the church to load up the trailer. Then the Scouts left from the church and drove about 2 hours to our destination, Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park. Then the scouts all got set up in their tents and had cracker barrel. From their, the scouts got up early to have a quick breakfast and loaded into the cars to drive to the airport. When they arrived, they were split into groups of 3 and taken into the airplanes. It was really cool being 3000 feet above the ground and being able to see for miles! A huge thank you to one of our scout leaders, Dr.Schmidt for having all 8 planes and pilots ready to take us up in the planes.

After coming down from the planes, the scouts then got to try their hand at a flight simulator. When they all had gone up in the planes and tried the flight simulator, they then made their own paper airplanes and had a contest to see which could go the furthest. Then we all got to go into the airport diner and get a shake or a malt. Upon returning to the campsite, the scouts had a scouts versus adults kickball game.

Then the scouts had some time before the campfire started. Our SPL, Mason Shackelford got the campfire started with a bow drill. The campfire was a lot of fun, singing songs and eating cobbler. Then all the scouts went to bed shortly after campfire because the temperature had dropped to around 20 degrees fahrenheit. Waking up in the morning was hard because it was still cold, but all the scouts got up, had breakfast, and packed up. We police lined the area leaving our campground better than we had found it. Then everyone left the campground and returned back to the church to unload the trailer. I believe that everyone had a lot of fun on this campout and we learned alot about how planes work and aviation. This was a unique opportunity for the scouts and a huge thank you from the scouts to everyone who made this campout possible.