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Biking Campout 2018

Friday, April 6th - April 8th

All the scouts going to the biking campout were told to meet at the church at 6 o’clock. All the scouts brought their bikes and loaded them onto the trailer and also loaded the troop trailer and then loaded their packs in their cars and we departed from the church and headed down to Pace Bend park. We arrived at Pace Bend park and had to wait in the cars for the lightning to stop. After the lightning had stopped the scouts set up their tents and had cracker barrel before bed.Then on the cold morning of April 7th, the scouts got out of their warm sleeping bags and made breakfast and ate with their patrol. After that, the first wave of scouts departed and went out biking. Then the second wave of scouts departed. There was a  scout who fell while biking. Thankfully he was riding with his patrol. His patrol did field first aid and got him back to base camp. There the scouts were able to do more first aid. Everyone eventually came back to base camp after that and everyone had dinner. After that the adults made cobbler for the scouts and we had campfire and everyone went to bed happy. Sunday morning came and everyone packed up their stuff and bikes and the scouts left. A huge thank you to all the adults who planned for months to put this campout together.