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Bushcraft October 2016

October Bush Craft:


Bush Craft Campout Witt/Adams Ranch - Goldthwaite, TX 10/7-10/9 (35 Total People)

The Bush Craft Campout out was really fun. We arrived late on Friday night it was about an hour and ½ to get to the camp. The patrol sites were assigned and the leaders had the PLC briefing. The requirements were to use shelters and not tents. We were allowed to use one pot for cooking.

Most of the shelters were made with tarps and paracord. Some used A frame design. There were several activities such as learning how to make lashings, we worked on bow drills and fires, knot tying. I got better at doing lashings. We also reviewed whittle and chip and knife safety. Some of the patrols worked on advancement.

The best part of the campout was exploring and making the shelters. We also did flint mapping. The campfire was very fun and entertaining. Thomas and Will were the MC for the campfire.


The weather was a little chilly at night and the early AM. In the afternoon it was warm but the temp dropped a little.


The patrols did a good job using primitive cooking techniques. Our patrol made chicken. Other patrols made similar stuff. I’m not sure what the adults made but they had coffee.

Lessons Learned:

I would recommend doing this campout again. The site was really good we should go back.