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Covert Ops

Friday, March 2nd - March 4th

This was the Covert Ops campout and all the scouts were told to meet at the church at 6pm to load up the trailer and headed down to Zapp Ranch in Dripping Springs. There the adults set up stations like knife throwing, tomahawk throwing, semi fore, COPE and, orienteering. The scouts got to the ranch Friday and set up their tents.”The plot was that there was a lost patrol from 1956 that was looking for treasure that we were then supposed to look for along with the patrol.” Said Mason Shackelford. The scouts had to hike around to different places and got to do all these activities. “It was at the COPE station that we were given two planks of wood and a rope to cross unstable ground and fit through a box three feet off the ground and three feet high and wide without touching the sides.” Once again Mason Shackelford talking about the COPE challenge. I believe all in all the scouts had a great time hiking and doing all these team building activities. A huge thank you to the people who made this campout happen.

Submitted by Zach Domsch