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Kayaking September 2017


When:  Fri, September 8, 6pm – Sun, September 10, 12pm

Where:  Canyon of the Eagles, 16942 Ranch Rd 2341, Burnet, TX 78611, United States

Scouts arrived at the church at between 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm on Friday.  They left to get to their campsite. Once there, the scouts setup camp and had cracker barrel. In the morning scouts were divided into two groups. The first group would go kayak in the morning and have rank advancement in the afternoon while the other group would have vise versa.

The kayaking scouts drive down to the docks and get in two person kayaks. They would then kayak out to an island where they could either go hiking or just stay on the beach. They would then kayak back and drive back to the campsite where all the scouts would have lunch.  In the afternoon there would be rank advancements and the second group would go kayaking.

After that, the scouts had dinner and there was a campfire with skits, jokes, and songs. Then the scouts went to an observatory where they could view mars and saturn through a huge telescope. After that it was lights out. The next morning they had breakfast packed up and went home.