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Kerr Scout Ranch Summer 2016 report

Summer Camp Report:


Kerr Scout Ranch: Slippery Falls Oklahoma (4500 s. Bullet Prairie Rd. Tishomingo OK) 6/12-6/18/16

The trip started when we all assembled at the church. We piled into vans and left 8 AM. The trip to Oklahoma lasted six hours. The trip was loud and crowded. We stopped a couple of times. We arrived in the afternoon. There were 42 people from the troop that went. We also had an honorary member from another troop. We called him 43. We kept the gear in our cars while we got a tour of the camp. The camp was big and spread out. The camp was woody with lots of plant life and big rocks. We weren’t allowed to climb on the rocks. They called the rocks “Mafia” for some reason. The camp had a central area where we assembled for flag ceremonies and meals. There are about (20) different camp sites. Our camp site was named Lazy S. We had to wear our Class A uniforms for breakfast and dinner. I kept my uniform with me all the time because I was running around from class to class.

There were many stations for merit badge classes. I earned five merit badges. The troop earned about 140 merit badges in total. The badges ranged from fishing, swimming, archaeology, trail to eagle, rifle, search and rescue, lifesaving, astronomy, citizenship in the Nation and many others. The camp has an American Indian lore center called the Chickasaw Village. There was a western heritage center as well.

I spent a lot of time at the water front. The aquatics center was fun. There were canoes, sail boats, motor boats and row boats. There was a giant blob that you could jump on and it would fly you into the water. I worked on the mile swim. I got up every morning at 6:30 to swim in the lake. I spend a lot of time fishing near turtle rock. One day we went to Slippery Falls and swam and had fun. The troop had a camp fire and Henry was the MC.

Life at camp was really fun. I enjoyed the freedom of going to classes and going to the snack shack. I also tried to sneak in fishing every chance I could. We played cards at night and other games. We could also go to the climbing tower but there was usually a line.


It rained when we arrived. It rained a couple times during the week. It was mostly hot and temperatures were in the 90s-100s. It rained on Wednesday.


The food was ok. Breakfast was a mix of cereal and other hot foods. There were pancakes, toast, French toast, and a salad bar with yogurt and granola. One day we had sausage wrapped with pancakes.

Lunch was usually PB& J, square pizza, hamburger, salad bar, sometimes leftovers.

Dinner was corn dogs, lasagna, Salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fish. We also ate at out campsite and had pizza and soda. It was really fun. I would give the food a C. It has room for improvement.

Lessons Learned:

I think the troop should go back to this camp because it was fun.