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September 2016 Canoe Campout

September Canoe Campout:


Canoe Campout : Webberville Park 9/23-9/25

HWY 973 Canoe Launch: 30.20870° N 97.63760° W

Island Campsite: 30.21813° N 97.54588° W

Little Webberville: 30.22966° N 97.51812° W

Big Webberville: 30.21213° N 97.49562° W

Launch to Island Campsite: 8 miles

Island to Little Webberville: 3 miles

Little to Big Webberville: 5 miles

This was a really cool campout. We started out on Friday night at Webbeville park along the Colorado River. That night the moon was really big. Friday night was uneventful except we stayed up too late. We had fun with our cracker barrel and playing bean boozel. The doo point was really high and our gear was very damp in the morning. The troop got a late start on Saturday and didn’t hit the river until 10 or 11 am. We had to go to the canoe launch on HWY 973. We packed our canoes and found our paddle buddies. Our gear had to be properly sealed. It took a long time to get loaded and ready. The scout master challenge was to see who could skip rocks.

We started paddling to the first Island where we stopped to have lunch. It was about 3 miles. We had lunch and got back to our canoes to the second island. The storm came so we had to leave the river and stop before we continued. It rained for about a half hour before passing over us. The island where we camped was another 5 miles or so.

We stopped to camp and we got our gear out. Some of the gear was really soaked. It was very sandy which made a big mess. It was a tight fit to get all the tents put up but we figured it out. It was hard to use the stoves because of the sand. It rained some more that night.

Sunday AM we paddled to our final destination at Big Webberville. Our gear was really wet and sandy.

It took a long time to load up our gear. We finally made it back to Gattis pizza.


It rained for a while on Saturday. We missed a big storm so we were very lucky.


Our patrol had spaghetti. Which was hard to cook with our little stove and one big pot. Other patrols had Ramon noodles and the adults had really good grub as usual.

Lessons Learned:

Some of the scouts had trouble paddling. They needed more practice before hitting the river. We also need to learn how to keep our gear dry. It was also hard to cook so next time we will use different equipment and pick food that is easier to eat.