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Tubing August 2017


August 5 - 6, 2017 Guadalupe River, Texas

The scouts arrived early at the church to depart for their campsite at Cranes Mill Park.  They drove 90 minutes and arrived at their campsite where they set up and ate lunch.

My dad and I left later at 9:30AM and arrived at about 11:00AM. We drove directly to Tube Haus and stood in line to reserve 36 tubes for the troop.  Reserving the tubes was quite difficult because all tubes were sold out. Luckily, a large group returned their tubes shortly after we arrived.  Since we were there to put the troop at the top of the waitlist, it did not take as long to get tubes as expected.

 After the scouts had arrived and gotten their tubes and pfds, we walked to the river and started getting in. After a quick buddy check, we all started to float downstream in small groups. The group drifted apart easily because the river was excessively crowded. At first, the river was super slow and rather boring for some. However, there was a rope swing at the edge of the river which scouts would get out of their tubes and jump off of as we were floating by. Later on, there were some rapids which made the trip a little more exciting. After about 2.5 hours, we finished and got out. Scouts liked it so much that they voted to go again.  

In the morning the scouts started their service project which consisted of picking up rocks and wood to prevent them from damaging lawn mowers. After that they packed up, got lunch at Gattis, and went home.