• Meet at HPB Church at 6 pm on Friday (please be on time so we can depart quickly) 
  • Wear your uniform (Scout Uniform, scout pants or scout shorts, scout belt)
  • Eat dinner before you arrive (The patrol grubmaster can plan a "cracker barrel" snack for Friday night during menu planning)
  • Bring $10 to buy lunch on Sunday - the troop usually stops for pizza or BBQ on the way back
  • Return to HPB Church around 1:30 on Sunday (scouts will call parents on the way home if time changes)    

 Date    Campout Location Coordinator Report   
Aug 10-12TubingSan Marcos River Scout Camp
Larry and Dean 
 Shoe box survivalCANCELLED Darrell and Ron 
 Oct 12-14
 LarpingPresnell's RanchMatt Whipple and Stephen Harris 
Nov 16-18 ShootingLost Pines

Tom Hunter and Brian Roeder 

 Dec 1-2 Lock-inTBD Ron and Darrell 
 Capture the FlagFant Ranch Tom Horwell and Matt Kressin 
 Covert OpsTBD Keith, Brian, Susan 
 SailingTBD Tex 
 TubingTBD Larry and Dean 

 Date     Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report   
Aug. 5-6
 Tubing  Guadalupe River Dean Melendrez  Tubing Campout Report
Sep. 8-10 Kayaking and Astronomy Canyon of the Eagles Gloria Walls  Kayaking Campout Report
Oct. 6-9
Salt Water Fishing

Galveston Sea Base                  Tom Horwedel
Nov. 3-5
Climbing Enchanted Rock
Henrik Kjallbring  
Dec. 1-3
Bushcraft Roy D Rivers Scout Ranch Matt Kressin          
Jan 12-14     Aviation Fredericksburg Joseph Schmidt Aviation
Feb 2-4 Patrol Campout Depends on patrol Patrol Advisors 
March 2-4 Covert Ops Zapp RanchKeith Savage and Tom Hunter Covert Ops
 April 6-8 Biking Pace Bend State Park Brian Roeder and Anna Langston Biking Campout 2018
 May 4-6 Caving Longhorn Caverns and Inks Lake State Park Steve Reedy Caving campout
 June 23-July 1 Summercamp Skymont, Tennessee Jeff Lowther 

 Date     Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report   
Sept 9-11 Canoe Big Webberville Park Joseph Schmidt       Canoeing Campout Report    

Witt Ranch                     Steve Reedy Bushcraft Campout Report
Biking  Reveille Peak Ranch
Anna Langston  
Backpacking El Rancho Cima  Keith Savage  
 Jan 13-15 Shooting Sports  Lost Pines Scout Camp  Tom Hunter  
Viking Ragnarok  Muleshoe  Matt Whipple  
Camporee  Smilin' V  District  
Backpacking  Colorado Bend  Keith Savage  
Bushcraft Survival  Witt Ranch Keith Savage
Tom Hunter
23-July 1
Summer Camp  Tomahawk Scout Reservation, Wisconsin  Jeff Lowther  

 Date     Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report   
Sept 18-20 Canoe Grelle Recreation Area, Mule Shoe Bend Joseph Schmdit            
Oct 22-24 Biking

Parrie Haynes Equestrian Ranch
Tom Tweedle 
Nov 20-22 Bushcraft  Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp
Joseph Schmidt  
 Jan 22-24 Bushcraft  Scout Camp Alma McHenry
 Tom Hunter  
 Feb 19-21  Rock Climbing  Bear Creek Scout Ranch  Eric Swensen  
 March 12-17  Adventure  Big Bend TX
 Anna Langston
Big Bend 2016
 March 18-20  Rifle/Shotgun  Lost Pines Scout Camp
 Tex Mitchell
 April 29-30  Covert Ops  Scout Camp Alma McHenry  Keith Savage  
 May 20-22  Water Sports  CANCELED Joseph Schmidt
 June 12-18      Summer Camp  Kerr Scout Ranch at Slippery Falls, OK
 Jeff Lowther  Photostream:

 Date  Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report
 Sept 26-28  Saltwater fishing  Goose Island SP Neal & Joseph  
 Oct 24-26  Biking & Orienteering  Mule Shoe Bend Marc & Joseph  
 Nov 16-18  Webelos Woods  Smilin V Scout Ranch Tex Michell  
 Nov 21-23  Bushcraft Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp Tom Hunter  
Dec 12-13  Lock in Texas State School Terry Pane  
 Jan 23-25
 Back Packing Colorado Bend SP
 Keith Savage  
 Feb 20-22
 Shooting Lost Pines Scout Camp Leland Snell  
 Mar  6-8
 Camporee Smilin V Scout Ranch
 April 24-26
 Covert OPS Zapp Ranch  TBD  
 May 16-17
El Rancho Cima Scout Camp Joseph Schmidt  
 June 7-13
Summer Camp Peaceful Valley, Co                                                                               Jeff Lowther  

 Date  Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report
 Sept 14-16 Climbing  Enchanted Rock SP  Eric Swenson
 Oct 18-20 Orienteering / Biking  Reimers Ranch  Glenn Jones
 Nov 22-24 Bushcraft I  Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp  Keith Arnold  

 Dec 14-16  Lock in  Austinrock Gym    
 Jan 24-26  Bushcraft II  Scout Camp Alma McHenry
 Keith Arnold  
 Feb 15-17  Shooting  Lost Pines  Leland Snell  
 Feb 28-30  Camporee  Scout Camp Tahuaya    
 March 22-24  Covert Ops ?  ?  
 April 23-25  Aviation    Frederickburg airport, Lady Bird Park  Joseph Schmid  
 May 16-19  Canoeing  Lost Pines, North/South Shore Lake Bastrop                 
 June  Summer Camp  Sid Richardson Scout Ranch  Celeste Domsch  
 Date  Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report
 Sept 21-23  Canoeing  Weberville Park                                                           Neal & Rick   
 Oct 19-21  Shooting & advancement  Lost Pines Scout Camp  Karen & Eric   
 Nov 16-18  Bushcraft  TBD    
 Dec 14-16  Lock in  Austin Rock Gym    
 Jan 18-20
 Orienteering Griffith League Scout Ranch
 Feb 15-17
 Horseback Riding
 Lake Belton, West Cliff Park
 Mar 1-3
 Camporee  Scout Camp Tahuaya
 Mar  22-24
 Covert Ops
 Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp
 April 19-21
 Sailing  Lake Belton
 June  10-22
 Philmont High Adventure
New Mexico
 June 24-28
 SeaBase Out Island High Adventure
 July 7-14
Summer Camp Camp Rockefeller, Arkansas    

Date Campout Location Coordinator Report
Sept 23-25 Float Trip Campout
Canyon Lake SP
Tom Hunter

Oct 21-23 Saltwater Fishing
Padre Island National Seashore
Rick Campa
Nov 11-13 Webelos Woods
Pioneer Farms
Nov 18-20
Bushcraft I Campout
Ball Ranch
Keith Arnold
Dec 9-11 Backpacking
Colorado Bend SP
Tom Hackett
Pat Hill
Jan 20-22
Bushcraft II Campout
Chandler Ranch
Tim Diller
Feb 17-19 Covert Ops
Hendrick Ranch
Keith Arnold
Mar 2-4 Camporee Wolf Mountain
Mar 23-25
Climbing Campout
Enchanted Rock SP
Karen Miller
Eric Swenson

April 20-22
 Life on the River Campout
Guadalupe Canoe and Camping (NOT Guadalupe Canoe Livery)
Rafting, camping and shore fishing on the Guadalupe River
 Neal Hagood
May 11-13 Aviation        
TBD Joseph Schmidt

Date Campout Location Coordinator Report
Sept 24-26 Canoeing Expedition
Colorado River/Upper Lake Travis
Neal Hagood report
Oct 8-10 ScoutJam Travis County Expo Center Mike Ryan & Matthew George  
Nov 5-7 Saltwater Fishing Goose Island SP
Rick Campa  
Nov 12-14
Webelos Woods
Camp Mabry
Pat Hill
Dec 17-18 Lock-in HPB
Matthew George & Tom Hunter  
Jan 21-23 Backpacking Colorado Bend SP
Pat Hill  
Feb 18-20 Rock Climbing and Caving Enchanted Rock SP
Karen Miller                                                        
Mar 4-6 Camporee Wolf Mountain
Tom Hunter
Apr 15-17 Covert Ops
Fant Ranch
Becky Knapik report
May 22 Water Sports Day Lake Travis
Terry Payne

Date Campout Location Coordinator Report
Sept 18-20 Rock Climbing Enchanted Rock SP Eric Swenson
Oct 23-25 Bay Fishing & Kayaking Goose Island SP Rick Campa & Neal Hagood report
Nov 20-22 Mountain Biking & Climbing
Reimers Ranch
Steven Weintraub
Dec 18-19 Lock-in HPB
Rick Campa
Jan 22-24 Covert Ops Roy D Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp
Keith Arnold                                                      

Feb 19-21 Aviation Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park
Joseph Schmidt

Mar 5-7 Camporee Wolf Mountain
Pat Hill

Apr 23-25 Cowboy
Baugh Family Ranch
Keith Arnold
May 22 Water Sports Day Lake Travis (Pitts house) Pat Hill & Bill Pitts