• Meet at HPB Church at 6 pm on Friday (please be on time so we can depart quickly) 
  • Wear your uniform (Scout Uniform, scout pants or scout shorts, scout belt)
  • Eat dinner before you arrive (The patrol grubmaster can plan a "cracker barrel" snack for Friday night during menu planning)
  • Bring $10 to buy lunch on Sunday - the troop usually stops for pizza or BBQ on the way back
  • Return to HPB Church around 1:30 on Sunday (scouts will call parents on the way home if time changes)    

Troop 410 Campout Planner

410 Campout Signups

Troop 410 Previous Year Campouts

 Date    Campout Location Coordinator Report   
Aug 10-12TubingSan Marcos River Scout Camp
Larry and Dean 
 Shoe box survivalCANCELLED Darrell and Ron 
 Oct 12-14
 LarpingPresnell's RanchMatt Whipple and Stephen Harris 
Nov 16-18 ShootingLost Pines

Tom Hunter and Brian Roeder 

 Dec 1-2 Lock-inTBD Ron and Darrell 
 Capture the FlagFant Ranch Tom Horwell and Matt Kressin 
 Covert OpsTBD Keith, Brian, Susan 
 SailingTBD Tex 
 TubingTBD Larry and Dean 

 Date     Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report   
Aug. 5-6
 Tubing  Guadalupe River Dean Melendrez  Tubing Campout Report
Sep. 8-10 Kayaking and Astronomy Canyon of the Eagles Gloria Walls  Kayaking Campout Report
Oct. 6-9
Salt Water Fishing

Galveston Sea Base                  Tom Horwedel
Nov. 3-5
Climbing Enchanted Rock
Henrik Kjallbring  
Dec. 1-3
Bushcraft Roy D Rivers Scout Ranch Matt Kressin          
Jan 12-14     Aviation Fredericksburg Joseph Schmidt Aviation
Feb 2-4 Patrol Campout Depends on patrol Patrol Advisors 
March 2-4 Covert Ops Zapp RanchKeith Savage and Tom Hunter Covert Ops
 April 6-8 Biking Pace Bend State Park Brian Roeder and Anna Langston Biking Campout 2018
 May 4-6 Caving Longhorn Caverns and Inks Lake State Park Steve Reedy Caving campout
 June 23-July 1 Summercamp Skymont, Tennessee Jeff Lowther 

 Date     Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report   
Sept 9-11 Canoe Big Webberville Park Joseph Schmidt       Canoeing Campout Report    

Witt Ranch                     Steve Reedy Bushcraft Campout Report
Biking  Reveille Peak Ranch
Anna Langston  
Backpacking El Rancho Cima  Keith Savage  
 Jan 13-15 Shooting Sports  Lost Pines Scout Camp  Tom Hunter  
Viking Ragnarok  Muleshoe  Matt Whipple  
Camporee  Smilin' V  District  
Backpacking  Colorado Bend  Keith Savage  
Bushcraft Survival  Witt Ranch Keith Savage
Tom Hunter
23-July 1
Summer Camp  Tomahawk Scout Reservation, Wisconsin  Jeff Lowther  

 Date     Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report   
Sept 18-20 Canoe Grelle Recreation Area, Mule Shoe Bend Joseph Schmdit            
Oct 22-24 Biking

Parrie Haynes Equestrian Ranch
Tom Tweedle 
Nov 20-22 Bushcraft  Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp
Joseph Schmidt  
 Jan 22-24 Bushcraft  Scout Camp Alma McHenry
 Tom Hunter  
 Feb 19-21  Rock Climbing  Bear Creek Scout Ranch  Eric Swensen  
 March 12-17  Adventure  Big Bend TX
 Anna Langston
Big Bend 2016
 March 18-20  Rifle/Shotgun  Lost Pines Scout Camp
 Tex Mitchell
 April 29-30  Covert Ops  Scout Camp Alma McHenry  Keith Savage  
 May 20-22  Water Sports  CANCELED Joseph Schmidt
 June 12-18      Summer Camp  Kerr Scout Ranch at Slippery Falls, OK
 Jeff Lowther  Photostream:

 Date  Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report
 Sept 26-28  Saltwater fishing  Goose Island SP Neal & Joseph  
 Oct 24-26  Biking & Orienteering  Mule Shoe Bend Marc & Joseph  
 Nov 16-18  Webelos Woods  Smilin V Scout Ranch Tex Michell  
 Nov 21-23  Bushcraft Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp Tom Hunter  
Dec 12-13  Lock in Texas State School Terry Pane  
 Jan 23-25
 Back Packing Colorado Bend SP
 Keith Savage  
 Feb 20-22
 Shooting Lost Pines Scout Camp Leland Snell  
 Mar  6-8
 Camporee Smilin V Scout Ranch
 April 24-26
 Covert OPS Zapp Ranch  TBD  
 May 16-17
El Rancho Cima Scout Camp Joseph Schmidt  
 June 7-13
Summer Camp Peaceful Valley, Co                                                                               Jeff Lowther  

 Date  Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report
 Sept 14-16 Climbing  Enchanted Rock SP  Eric Swenson
 Oct 18-20 Orienteering / Biking  Reimers Ranch  Glenn Jones
 Nov 22-24 Bushcraft I  Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp  Keith Arnold  

 Dec 14-16  Lock in  Austinrock Gym    
 Jan 24-26  Bushcraft II  Scout Camp Alma McHenry
 Keith Arnold  
 Feb 15-17  Shooting  Lost Pines  Leland Snell  
 Feb 28-30  Camporee  Scout Camp Tahuaya    
 March 22-24  Covert Ops ?  ?  
 April 23-25  Aviation    Frederickburg airport, Lady Bird Park  Joseph Schmid  
 May 16-19  Canoeing  Lost Pines, North/South Shore Lake Bastrop                 
 June  Summer Camp  Sid Richardson Scout Ranch  Celeste Domsch  
 Date  Campout  Location  Coordinator  Report
 Sept 21-23  Canoeing  Weberville Park                                                           Neal & Rick   
 Oct 19-21  Shooting & advancement  Lost Pines Scout Camp  Karen & Eric   
 Nov 16-18  Bushcraft  TBD    
 Dec 14-16  Lock in  Austin Rock Gym    
 Jan 18-20
 Orienteering Griffith League Scout Ranch
 Feb 15-17
 Horseback Riding
 Lake Belton, West Cliff Park
 Mar 1-3
 Camporee  Scout Camp Tahuaya
 Mar  22-24
 Covert Ops
 Roy D. Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp
 April 19-21
 Sailing  Lake Belton
 June  10-22
 Philmont High Adventure
New Mexico
 June 24-28
 SeaBase Out Island High Adventure
 July 7-14
Summer Camp Camp Rockefeller, Arkansas    

Date Campout Location Coordinator Report
Sept 23-25 Float Trip Campout
Canyon Lake SP
Tom Hunter

Oct 21-23 Saltwater Fishing
Padre Island National Seashore
Rick Campa
Nov 11-13 Webelos Woods
Pioneer Farms
Nov 18-20
Bushcraft I Campout
Ball Ranch
Keith Arnold
Dec 9-11 Backpacking
Colorado Bend SP
Tom Hackett
Pat Hill
Jan 20-22
Bushcraft II Campout
Chandler Ranch
Tim Diller
Feb 17-19 Covert Ops
Hendrick Ranch
Keith Arnold
Mar 2-4 Camporee Wolf Mountain
Mar 23-25
Climbing Campout
Enchanted Rock SP
Karen Miller
Eric Swenson

April 20-22
 Life on the River Campout
Guadalupe Canoe and Camping (NOT Guadalupe Canoe Livery)
Rafting, camping and shore fishing on the Guadalupe River
 Neal Hagood
May 11-13 Aviation        
TBD Joseph Schmidt

Date Campout Location Coordinator Report
Sept 24-26 Canoeing Expedition
Colorado River/Upper Lake Travis
Neal Hagood report
Oct 8-10 ScoutJam Travis County Expo Center Mike Ryan & Matthew George  
Nov 5-7 Saltwater Fishing Goose Island SP
Rick Campa  
Nov 12-14
Webelos Woods
Camp Mabry
Pat Hill
Dec 17-18 Lock-in HPB
Matthew George & Tom Hunter  
Jan 21-23 Backpacking Colorado Bend SP
Pat Hill  
Feb 18-20 Rock Climbing and Caving Enchanted Rock SP
Karen Miller                                                        
Mar 4-6 Camporee Wolf Mountain
Tom Hunter
Apr 15-17 Covert Ops
Fant Ranch
Becky Knapik report
May 22 Water Sports Day Lake Travis
Terry Payne

Date Campout Location Coordinator Report
Sept 18-20 Rock Climbing Enchanted Rock SP Eric Swenson
Oct 23-25 Bay Fishing & Kayaking Goose Island SP Rick Campa & Neal Hagood report
Nov 20-22 Mountain Biking & Climbing
Reimers Ranch
Steven Weintraub
Dec 18-19 Lock-in HPB
Rick Campa
Jan 22-24 Covert Ops Roy D Rivers Wilderness Scout Camp
Keith Arnold                                                      

Feb 19-21 Aviation Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park
Joseph Schmidt

Mar 5-7 Camporee Wolf Mountain
Pat Hill

Apr 23-25 Cowboy
Baugh Family Ranch
Keith Arnold
May 22 Water Sports Day Lake Travis (Pitts house) Pat Hill & Bill Pitts