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March 6-8, 2009

» Wolf Mountain Scout Ranch (near Llano)
» Google Maps Directions

This year's theme is "space", as in Star Wars, not Apollo 13.  Scouts will decorate their campsite in a space movie theme and are also encouraged to wear space gear.

To get a leg up, gather your patrol and watch “Star Wars IV, A New Hope” (the original one from 1976) before Camporee.

Check out Armadillo District Camporee for more details.

» Activities:
  • Patrol competitions
  • Camporee Idol skit competition
  • Pancake breakfast on Sunday
  • Adults are cooking for scouts -- no scout grubmasters!!! 
» Patrol Gear (note special items)
  • Patrol Flag/Totem
  • 50ft. Nylon Line
  • Aluminum foil (at least 3 rolls)
  • Duct tape (two full rolls)
  • Two wire hangars
  • Gloves for each participant
  • 10 pieces of rope 3‐4 feet long
  • Metal water cup or can
  • First Aid Kit
  • Neckerchief
  • Stave (Walking Stick)
  • Compass

» Read the campouts page for standard procedures