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Canyon Lake (April 2009)

    This campout started out on questionable grounds, with the thunder storms and rains.  But the forecasters and weather said it could work, so it was a GO! Drove down in patchy rain, but it had stopped by the time we arrived at the park. We rallied the troop and headed to the campsite.  With just a light occasional mist, the troop set up camp, we had a cracker barrel for the adults and scout leadership, good stuff! Everyone battened down the camp area, in preparation of the forthcoming storms. They came in around 6:00am, thunder and lightning and then the rains. The T&L abated and the rain fell until 7:15. 
     The scouts gave themselves until 7:45 to sleep, which worked out great!  We awoke to a refreshed day, overcast but pleasant. The scouts broke into groups with some going with Mr. Clark for ‘Leave No Trace’ training, some going with Mr. Hackett and me to complete Canoeing MB, and the rest were left to work on their scoutmaster challenge of making a camp gadget. We rotated the groups through the different activities, with a nice relaxed feeling to the day.
    Lunch time came and thanks to Mr. Campa and all the helpers, our group ate some great sandwiches and salads. I must assume the rest of the scouts ate well as well! (I was too into my own lunch to find out! - Sorry guys!)  After lunch, the sun came out, we gathered up everybody and headed down to the lake for some canoeing, swimming and fishing. We were able to finish up a few more boys’ canoeing merit badges, knocked out some swim tests and rank advancement related to the water/water safety.  A great showing of troop team efforts to pull this off! Older scouts helping with the younger scouts on rank advancement, adults as lifeguards, merit badge councilors and swim testers.  Troop 410 was running on all cylinders, and it was good to see!  Some fish were caught, some almost caught (with a fun battle), all released.  We wrapped up our water activities with the policing of the area and picking up trash. 
    Back at camp, the boys finished up their camp gadgets, and we worked on supper.  Stew was the food of choice across the board.  Unplanned simpatico!  Again, Mr. Campa dazzled us with a Lamb Stew that was wonderful. We then had some down time and the boys played, relaxed, worked on rank advancement or took Mr. Clarks final ‘Leave No Trace’ program.  It was then time for the campfire and skits!  Sam H. and  Trey H. emceed the event with some very original humor. Most of the skits were also original,  fresh and very entertaining as well! A few songs were sung. Harper H. was included in the adult skit and fell victim to an outgoing SPL prank, getting a little wet and being a very good sport about it as well! We then held the New SPL elections, starting with a few words from each of the 3 candidates. Benton A., Atticus B. and Steven B. (Mr. Swenson spoke on behalf of Steven B. as he was unable to attend the campout) all gave compelling speeches as to why they would be a good SPL choice for the troop. I am glad I didn't have to vote! The scouts cast their votes and the results will be announced at the court of honor. Brian E. closed the evening with a prayer and brief sermon, providing food for thought as we retired from the campfire. Cobbler was ready! Mr. Campa and helpers provided the troop with 2 delecious cobblers, one apple and one peach! Two thumbs up for both! We cleaned up and went off to bed.
      Sun Morn. the scouts got up, made breakfast, cleaned up and packed up camp. We started up the camp police lines and then sent some boys off for the cleanup of a beach area as the two fronted approach to our service projects were completed.
     We only had 1 minor injury (not minor to the scout, of course).  I would like to extend a big Thank You! to Jim Clark for providing the "Leave No Trace" training for the troop on short notice. To have so many scouts and scouters now trained in LNT within one troop is great! We are very lucky to have such a wealth of info and training within our troop.
If I missed anything or anyone, sorry!
Yours in Scouting, Neal Hagood ASM