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Covert Ops at Fant Ranch

On FM 3481/Stillhouse Lake Dr, the ranch is 1/4 mile on your left (small farm gate near top of hill)
On Friday, at exit 286 for FM 2484, pull into hotel parking lot so we can drive into the ranch as a group.
If you are coming on Saturday, you will need to call one of us to unlock the gate.
Pat   680-0858
Neal   919-2233

» Activities:
  • The troop will supply a "covert" dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday
    • Mr. Hill will collect $5 per scout from each patrol grubmaster to over the cost
    • Grubmasters need to plan for Saturday breakfast and lunch only (hot meals)
  • Capture the Flag
  • Cover Ops (your mission will be provided)
  • Webelos will be joining us
» Packing List:
  • Pack for COLD weather
  • Small pot to be used to boil 2 cups of water
  • Metal or plastic mug for hot cocoa or soap
  • Daypack or backpack that can fit your sleeping bag
  • Compass
  • See our Campout Gear List
» Read the campouts page for more details