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Suggested fishing equipment list

Fishing Campout

Recommended Fishing Gear-(Ideal & broad list)


Terminal Tackle

Leader material: 15 or 20 lb test monofilament or fluorocarbon


size  8 cricket hooks;

size 1 and 3/0 O’Shaughnessy hooks,

size 4 treble hooks


Bass casting: ¼ and ½ oz

Pyramid (if bringing a midsized  rod and reel) 1 and 2 oz

Spider weights (if bringing a surf rod and reel) 2-4 oz


20 lb swivels

10 lb snaps (with or without swivels)


Round red and white bobbers: 1” to 1 ½ “ diameter

Popping cork/leader combo: large popping cork

Pre-made leaders

Monofilament with one or two hook drops

Reels: Any of three types

Closed face spinning reel-considered a beginning reel, get a good quality Zebco brand with a drag adjustment

Open face spinning reel: an ideal, easy to use reel, get one that will stand up to salt water. Shimano is one of the best brands with a very large range of reels.

Baitcaster: a difficult-for-beginners reel, but the first choice for most surf fishermen going for bigger fish. It is also the predominant style for medium sized fish. You can very accurately control the distance of your casts but does have a learning curve to master casting.

Line:  10 or 12lb test monofilament


Fishing Poles

Make sure that they match the type of reel that you use. Because you need to throw out fairly far into the surf, a longer rod is preferable. At least 5 ft long, up to 6 ½ to 7 ft. Surf rods for large reels should be 10-12ft in length.


Surf Zone Rod Holders
            PVC pipe, heavy walled.

2” diameter for big rods, 1 ½ in for medium and small rods

4 foot long sections with one end cut at about 30 degree angle


Hook-out or other hook removal pliers, hemostat, etc.


Line clipper/cutter

Filet knife

Filet board

Tackle box

Chair or stool

Crab net, long handled





Artificial Lures

Spoons: Gold (and Silver) ½ and ¾ oz

DOA Shrimp: gold flake color

Top water lures: Top Dog, She Dog, Top Pup, Catch 2000; bone color, black and silver belly


Jigheads and Shrimp Tails



Live bait bucket, aerator & batteries

5 gal plastic bucket, pickle bucket, etc., extremely well rinsed

Fishbites-synthetic bait: assorted colors and flavors