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Wilderness Survival at Colorado Bend

When:   Februrary 20-22, 2009
Where:  Colorado Bend State Park

» Google Maps Directions

» Activities:
  • Backpacking, Philmont style
  • Hike in 1 mile Friday night to campsite #37
  • Break camp Saturday morning and hike 4.5 mile to 2nd campsite
  • Take Spicewood Trail to Connecting Trail to River Back Pack Camping Area
  • Sunday morning hike 1 mile to parking lot
  • Skills we will work on
    • Freezer bag cooking (just add water)
    • Purifying water
    • Leave No Trace
    • Packing and hiking
    • Map & compass (BRING YOUR COMPASS)
» Packing List:
  • All gear must be in or on your backpack
  • Scouts need to pair up to split tent and cooking gear
  • Food should be in containers that can be split-up and packed on Friday
  • Each scout MUST have two 1 liter water bottles (does not need to be a Nalgene; a recycled Gator Aide or Ozarka is fine)
  • Low temps in the 30's so pack a warm hat and layers
  • Compass, small pad and pencil
  • See the Campout Gear List
» Grubmasters:
  • Make sure you have cook pot and utensils
  • Bring enough 1 gallon freezer bags for your patrol
  • Bring trash bags for packing out trash
  • Biodegradable soap for washing dishes (Camp Suds)
» Drivers:
  • Print Leave No Trace flyer to review with scouts during the drive out
  • Print park map and directions at top of page for yourself
  • After entering park drive to T at camping area, turn left to go to parking area at end of road.
  • We will hike back up the road to camp site #37at the opposite end
  • We are parking here so it will be a shorter hike on Sunday morning

» Water Purification:

» Read the campouts page for more details