Joe Denton

Some of Joe Denton's Scouting memories

My High Adventure Treks with the troop were to the Boundary Waters, Philmont and to Packard High Adventure in Colorado.  Also to the Pecos Wilderness with Crew 410.  I think one of my favorite high adventure memories was of our troop trek to the Quetico Canadian Boundary Waters.  I organized the trek for three crews of 23 scouts and adults.  It was quite an undertaking, and our flights got scrambled at the last moment by the airlines.  We were able to get everyone all rebooked on a later flight except for one dad and his son who took another flight.  All the crews had a great experience and also had some epic adventures along the way.

I was committee chair for 6 years and scoutmaster for 1 and attended summer camps at Sid Richardson (1998) on Lake Bridgeport, Camp Pioneer (1999) in Arkansas, Clemens Scout Ranch (2000) near Athens, Worth Ranch (2006) in North Texas and my last was to Camp Ben Delatour (2007) in Colorado.  Camp Ben Delatour was my favorite because of the mountains, coolness and the scouts were all great. 

One of my favorite weekend campouts was always our annual February camping trip to Richard Fant's Ranch. It was usually one of the first campouts for new scouts, and we would attempt to have the older scouts there to help the new scouts.  And sometimes we would have our coldest weather.  I think 16 degrees was my coldest night there.  Richard Fant always allowed the scouts to build big camp fires, and they certainly enjoyed the opportunity.  

The best part of scouting was the time I was able to spend with my son and watch him grow and learn.  Then to see him take on all levels of leadership and eventually earn his Eagle rank.  This was enhanced by the fact that he and 5 other scouts that had grown up together earned and were all awarded their rank in the same ceremony.  Those friendships still go on to this day.