Scout Leadership Roster
Updated: May 13, 2018

Patrol Leaders Council           
Scout Name             
Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)Mason S.
Assistant SPL
Erik J.
Lone Star Patrol Leader TBD
Flaming Aces Patrol Leader Rowan W. 
Alpha Patrol LeaderGarret S.
Commanche Patrol Leader
Jake Y.
Griffin Patrol Leader
Finnegan G.
Scorpion Patrol Leader
Kyle L.
Troop Guide
 Aiden Farell
Troop Guide
Henry gravatt
Troop Guide
 Branden roeder
 Troop Guide Jake melendrez
 Troop Guide Ames N.

Other Leadership Position Scout Name                     
Lone Star Asst. Patrol Leader
 Combined w/ flaming Aces
Flaming Aces Asst. Patrol Leader Rowan Whipple
Alpha Asst. Patrol Leader
Commanche Asst. Patrol Leader
Griffin Asst Patrol Leader    
Scorpion Asst. Patrol Leader
Quartermaster George Harris
Den Chiefs Andrew Peele, Garrett Roeder,
Chaplain Aide
Luke Lowther
Librarian Liam Kressin
Scribe Grant Shackelford
Webmaster Lukas kjallbring
Historian Zach Domsch
Recruiter (open)
Bugler Finn Kressin
OA Representative Will Russo
Junior ASMs (open)
Outdoor Ethics Trainer Jonathan Randle 

Leadership Resources:

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>> Leadership Sign-Off Sheet
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