Scout Leadership Roster
Updated: June 6, 2016

Patrol Leaders Council           
Scout Name             
Senior Patrol Leader Alex Lynch
Assistant SPLs
Wes Savage
Alpha Patrol Leader
Henry Gravatt
Flaming Aces Patrol LeaderLouie Dunning
Black Hawk Patrol Leader
Tex Mitchell
Lone Star no assignment
PITFinn Kressin
Troop Guide (open)

Other Leadership Position Scout Name                     
Alpha Asst. Patrol Leader
Aidan Farrell
Flaming Aces Asst. Patrol Leader
Black Hawk Asst. Patrol Lead
Lone Star not assigned
Quartermaster Tom Tweedle

Den Chiefs
Chaplain Aide

Librarian Will Lucey
Scribe Ryan Lowther
Webmaster Alex Lynch, Wesley Savage
Historian Nikhil Joyce
Recruiter (open)
Bugler (open)
OA Representative Sam Domsch
Junior ASMs

Leadership Resources:

>> Leader Responsibilities

>> Leadership Position Advisers
(See how to get a position)

>> Leadership Sign-Off Sheet
(Required for every leader)

>> PLC Meetings
(Agenda and instructions for running the PLC)

>> Patrol Leader Information