Scout Leadership Roster
Updated: May 13, 2018

Patrol Leaders Council           
Scout Name             
Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)Jonathan R
Assistant SPL
Jake Y, Lukas K
Flaming Aces Patrol Leader Thomas L
Alpha Patrol LeaderNick M
Commanche Patrol Leader
Ames N
Griffin Patrol Leader
William C
Scorpion Patrol Leader
Colin H
 Delta Patrol Leader Graham R
 Wolf Patrol Leader Austin P
Troop Guide
 Aiden F
Troop Guide
Garrett R
Troop Guide
 Finn K
 Troop Guide Rowan W
 Troop Guide Liam G

Other Leadership Position Scout Name                     
Flaming Aces Asst. Patrol LeaderN/A
Alpha Asst. Patrol Leader
Commanche Asst. Patrol Leader
Griffin Asst Patrol Leader    
Scorpion Asst. Patrol Leader
Quartermaster Ryan L
Den Chiefs Zach D, Alex M
Chaplain Aide
Librarian Liam K
Scribe Jonathan R
Webmaster Wesley Savage
Historian Jake Y
Recruiter (open)
Bugler (open)
OA Representative Andrew P
Junior ASMs (open)
Outdoor Ethics Trainer (open)

Leadership Resources:

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>> Leadership Sign-Off Sheet
(Required for every leader)

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