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PLC Meetings

7:30  Agenda & calendar review (10 minutes)
  • Start with big picture overview of the month and list all activities that need to planned for the month
  • Dates for meetings, campout, fundraisers and other events
  • Workday reminder for patrol
7:40  Campout planning (10 minutes)
  • Discuss campout theme and activities first since that may influence meeting plans
  • e.g. No tent, camp stoves, cold weather, safety afloat,
7:50  Meeting themes (10 minutes)
  • Quickly assign the high-level theme/activities for each troop meeting
  • Assign Color Guard patrol
  • Pre-game ideas
8:00  Program/activity details (25 minutes)
  • Remaining time is used to fill-in program details for campouts and meetings
    • Activity planning can be divided into groups or done together
  • Any details not completed at the PLC will need to be done soon after
  • Determine what resources are needed, e.g. instructors, adults, supplies
  • Assign tasks or assign scouts to contact others to do task owners who are not present
8:25  Leadership Minute (5 minutes)
  • Scoutmaster tip for effective leadership
8:30  Adjourn

After PLC...
  1. The scribe will email the PLC meeting notes to PLC within 24 hours after each meeting.
  2. The SPL will email the Troop Meeting plan to the PLC 6 days prior to each meeting (Troop Meeting Plan).
Meeting Ideas
  1. Troop Program Features Vol I, II, III
  2. Lashing
  3. Knot tying
  4. First Aid
  5. First aid kit (buy bulk supplies to assemble)
  6. Camp cooking (with Coleman stoves)
  7. Dutch oven cooking
  8. Backpack cooking w/ backpacking stoves
  9. Backpacking stoves (white gas, canister)
  10. Ultralight camping - sleeping, clothes, shelters, cooking
  11. Fire making - striker, friction, flint
  12. Water purification
  13. Survival shelters
  14. Survival kits (buy bulk supplies to assemble)
  15. Plant identification - poisonous & edible
  16. Totem Chip review - knives, axes, saws
  17. Knives - types, sharpening, use, care
  18. Rockets
  19. Camp gadgets
  20. Cold weather camping
  1. Tarp camping (buy and rig tarps ~$5 each)
  2. Fly tying
  3. Rigging fishing lines
  4. Rank advancement
  5. Merit badge
  6. Flag retirement (lots in troop room for each patrol)
    General Guidelines
  1. Keep it fun and informative
  2. Hands on activities (minimal slide shows and lectures)
  3. Build something
  4. Use patrol method
    1. Delegate to patrol leaders
    2. Have patrol competitions
  5. Go outdoors when possible (parking lot, Perry Park)
  6. Consider alternate locations - fire station, rifle range, pool
  7. For more details go to http://www.t410.org/troop-meetings