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Troop 410 Leader Responsibilities

In order to receive credit towards rank advancement, you must complete the requirements of your position. Each scout must meet with a designated adult adviser to review and agree to meet the requirements of the position before accepting the position.  They must also get sign-off after they have completed their role.  Leadership is an important troop responsibility and requires a time commitment above and beyond regular troop meetings and campouts.  Leaders should expect to spend about 3 to 4 hours each month to fulfill their leadership position.

Senior Patrol Leader / Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

  1. Fill troop leadership positions before first troop meeting
  2. Attend and lead at least two troop meetings each month
  3. Conduct mini-PLCs following each troop meeting
  4. Attend and lead 75% PLCs
  5. Attend and lead 75% of campouts
  6. Email meeting plan to PLC members at least 3 days prior to each meeting
  7. Designate a replacement for any activity you cannot attend

Patrol Leader

  1. Represent patrol at 75% of PLCs
  2. Attend and lead patrol at Troop Meetings at least twice a month
  3. Lead patrol at 75% of campouts
  4. Lead a patrol meeting at least once per month
  5. Contact all patrol members at least twice to encourage participation and advancement
  6. Designate a replacement for any activity you cannot attend

Assistant Patrol Leader

  1. Fill-in for patrol leader as needed at troop meetings, campouts and PLCs
  2. Attend 50% of Troop Meetings
  3. Attend 50% of campouts
  4. Work with troop Quartermaster to manage patrol gear
  5. Inventory and update troop gear
  6. Replace patrol gear before/after campouts

Troop Guide

  1. Attend at least one cross over ceremonies
  2. Lead PIT patrol at new scout campout
  3. Lead PIT patrol at 75% Troop Meetings
  4. Lead PIT patrol at 75% of campouts
  5. Represent PIT patrol at 75% of PLCs
  6. Designate a replacement for any activity you cannot attend


  1. Write notes and publish meeting notes from 75% PLCs
  2. Write notes at 75% campout and post-meeting PLCs
  3. Designate a replacement for any activity you cannot attend


  1. Attend and at least 75% of campouts
  2. Make sure all gear is loaded and unloaded for campouts
  3. Organize at least one troop room clean-out
  4. Organize at least one meeting with patrol quartermasters to inventory gear
  5. Designate a replacement for any activity you cannot attend


  1. Provide a structured training program at 4 different troop activities (e.g. meetings, campouts, etc.)
  2. Instruction should be well prepared


  1. Lead troop game at 75% of troop meetings
  2. Prepare for games before meetings
  3. Introduce at least 2 new games to the troop

Den Chief

  1. Attend at least 1 den activity each month
  2. Lead 1 organized den activities each month (rank advancement, outing, etc.)
  3. Invite den to attend a troop meeting and campout (Webelos)


  1. Lead at least 1 organized recruiting activity per month (pack meeting, game, scout skill, campout, etc.)
  2. Present information about boy scouts and troop 410 at 2 pack meetings
  3. Invite and host a Webelos patrol at a troop meeting and a campout
  4. Participate in Webelos Woods

Chaplain Aid

  1. Lead worship service at 75% of campouts
  2. Lead troop in prayer at least 1 time per month (meetings, meals, Court of Honor, etc.)
  3. Inform troop of available religious emblems


  1. Work with ASMs to ensure that photos from campouts are posted to Shutterfly site.
  2. Write up a brief campout summary and post to Campout Report section of website. May also delegate this task, but should ensure it is done within 1 week of campout.
  3. At least once per Fall and Spring, update the bulletin board in Sapp Hall with updated information and new photos.
  4. Place a photo of each High Adventure crew on the website or on Shutterfly site.

Other Positions

  1. Other positions such as historian and webmaster, must work with an ASM to create the objectives for their position
  2. Scouts may request a special position or to lead a special project by creating a written objectives with the Scoutmaster