Merit Badges

If you have any questions about Merit Badges or would like to be a Counselor, please contact Joseph Schmidt.
Requirements and work sheets for all Merit Badges are available at and Introduction to Merit Badges.
Counselors should check out Guide for Merit Badge Counselors.
More Merit Badge information and opportunities Here.
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Merit BadgeCounselorsEagle Required
Merit BadgeCounselorsEagle Required
American Business Joseph Schmidt No 
Archery Joseph Schmidt No 
Art Bill Cauthern No 
Astronomy Mike Ryan, Joseph Schmidt, Keith Savage No 
Athletics Marc Vandament, Joseph Schmidt, Keith Savage, Tim Farrell No 
Automotive Maintenance Marc Vandament No 
Aviation Tex Mitchell, Joseph Schmidt No 
Backpacking Joseph Schmidt No 
Basketry Joseph Schmidt No 
Bird Study Thomas Tweedel, Megan Kressin No 
Bugling Marc Vandament, Joseph Schmidt, Tex Mitchell No 
Camping Michael Sullivan, Marc Vandament, Joseph Schmidt, Matt Kressin, Keith Savage, Bill Cauthern Yes 
Canoeing Joseph Schmidt, Keith Savage No 
Chess Steve Reedy No 
Citizenship in the Community Daphne Mc Murrer, Celeste Domsch,Tex Mitchell, Keith Savage, Tim Farrell Yes 
Citizenship in the Nation Juliee Beyt, Daphne Mc Murrer, Marc Vandament, Keith Savage Yes 
Citizenship in the World Daphne McMurrer, Mike Ryan, Keith Savage Yes 
Coin Collecting Joseph Schmidt No 
Collections Joseph Schmidt No 
Communications Latha Joyce, Juliee Beyt, Matt Domsch, Megan Kressin, Keith Savage Yes 
Computers Michael Sullivan No 
Cooking Daphne McMurrer, Matt Kressin, Tim Farrell, Keith Savage Yes 
Cycling Steve Reedy, Joseph Schmidt Yes (or Hiking or Swimming) 
Dentistry Joseph Schmidt No 
Digital Technology Matt Domsch No 
Dog Care Joseph Schmidt No 
Electricity Matt Domsch No 
Electronics Matt Domsch No 
Emergency Preparedness Joseph Schmidt Yes (or Lifesaving) 
Engineering Dean Melendrez, Keith Savage No 
Entrepreneurship Marc Vandament, Joseph Schmidt No 
Environmental Science Daphne McMurrer Yes 
Family Life Daphne Mcmurrer, Keith Savage Yes 
Fire Safety Larry Morse, Joseph Schmidt No 
First Aid summer camp, Celeste Domsch, Joseph Schmidt, Keith Savage Yes 
Fishing Tex Mitchell, Joseph Schmidt, Keith Savage No 
Fly Fishing Larry Morse No 
Gardening Joseph Schmidt No 
Geocaching Joseph Schmidt No 
Golf  Marc Vandament, Joseph Schmidt No 
Graphic Arts Bill Cauthern No 
Hiking Michael Sullivan, Joseph Schmidt, Keith Savage Yes(or swimming or Cycling) 
Home Repairs Joseph Schmidt No 
Indian Lore Karyn Jenson No 
Insect Study Thomas Tweedel No 
Inventing Matt Domsch, Joseph Schmidt No 
Kayaking Joseph Schmidt, Keith Savage No 
Leatherwork Joseph Schmidt No 
Lifesaving summer camp, Celeste Domsch Yes (or Emergency Preparedness) 
Medicine Joseph Schmidt No 
Music Marc Vandament, Keith Savage No 
Nature Joseph Schmidt No 
Orienteering Keith Savage No 
Painting Bill Cauthern No 
Personal Fitness Tim Farrell, Steve Reedy, Keith Savage Yes 
Personal Management Matt Domsch, Daphne McMurrer, Keith Savage Yes 
Photography Juliee Beyt No 
Pioneering Keith Savage No 
Pottery Bill Cauthern No 
Programming Matt Domsch, Keith Savage No 
Public Speaking Tim Farrell No 
Radio Tex Mitchell No 
Rifle Shooting Keith Savage No 
Robotics Keith Savage No 
Salesmanship Marc Vandament, Keith Savage No 
Scholarship Mike Ryan No 
Sculpture Bill Cauthern No 
Search and Rescue Larry Morse No 
Shotgun Shooting Keith Savage No 
Small Boat Sailing Keith Savage No 
Snow Sports Keith Savage No 
Space Exploration Dean Melendrez No 
Sports Marc Vandament, Tim Farrel, Keith Savage No 
Sustainability Daphne McMurrer, Celeste Domsch, Kim Mitchell, Keith Savage Yes 
Swimming summer camp, Celeste Domsch, Keith Savage Yes (or Hiking or Cycling) 
Wood Carving Matt Kressin, Bill Cauthern No 
Woodwork Matt Kressin No 
Showing 77 items