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Additional Merit Badge Information

Hello Troop Families,

Merit Badge info and resources:
  • UT and Alpha Phi Omega offer Merit Badge University each year - and registration opened TODAY!  It's a great way for Scouts to earn merit badges, including many that are just plain fun like Painting, Music and Chess, as well as some that are Eagle required (and hopefully still fun!) such as Communication, Personal Management, and Family Life.  The date of the event is Saturday, February 17, 2018.
  • Hornaday Weekend, held in April and October each year, is a great way to earn merit badges that are conservation and science oriented.  Some are Eagle required, all are part of the Hornaday Award merit badge list.  Dean Melendrez and I will be leading a contingent from our Troop to Hornaday this April, and registration for that event will open February 1st.  We'll be sending out more information as we get closer.  In the meantime, save the dates:  April 20-22, 2018.
  • Capitol Area Council has (I think!) 2 STEM Adventure Weekends each year - opportunities to earn Science / Engineering / Math / Tech merit badges.  Keep an eye on the CAC emails for announcements on those.  Last one was in September and I heard a rumor there was one in February upcoming.  Thank you to Susan and Kent Presnell for leading the Troop 410 contingent to STEM Adventure Weekend in September!
  • The Troop has a merit badge library of old merit badge books that have been donated to the troop.  They are organized by alphabetical order and in an ante-room attached to where we meet for Troop meetings.  Ask the Troop Librarian for more details, for the Fall of 2017 the librarian is Nick Melendrez, Alpha Patrol. You can also purchase new merit badge books at the Scout Store on Parmer and I-35.
  • The Troop has a list of merit badge counselors on the Troop website.  Thank you to all of our merit badge counselors!
  • Are you looking for a way to contribute to the Troop and our Scouts, and not sure where to help?  Sign up to be a merit badge counselor in an area that you have interest / expertise. Troop 410 needs YOU!
  • The Microsoft Store has partnered with the BSA to offer some of the tech merit badges, such as Videogame Design, Robotics, and Moviemaking.  These classes fill up quickly so if your Scout is interested, watch for those CAC emails and register quickly.
  • Summer camp is a wonderful place to take some of the outdoors-oriented merit badges (small boat sailing, motorboating, swimming, etc) as well as register for Trail to Eagle for new Scouts which covers may requirements in the Tenderfoot / 2nd Class / 1st Class ranks.
  • There is a helpful app for merit badges  called "Path to Eagle Scout" which is a free app for iPhone (and maybe other phones) - among other things, it has a list of all BSA merit badges, and for each it includes the requirements as well as additional resources as excerpts from the full merit badge book. Great and quick reference.
  • Merit badge completions and partials for our Scouts are all tracked in TroopMaster, of which John Otken and Megan Kressin hold the keys :).  If you don't have access, ask one of them at the next troop meeting to get you set up. The patches for completed merit badges are awarded to Scouts at the next Court of Honor.  
  • I'm sure there are many other resources for Scouts to earn merit badges, this is by no means comprehensive but I want folks to know some of what's happening out there.   Please feel free to add on to this list if you know of others you'd like to share with the Troop.
Yours in Scouting,