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Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2020 - Cancelled :|

Refunds are being worked on...stay tuned for more information.

Location: Camp Daniel Boone
Dates: June 29 - July 4

LINK to Leader’s guide (Great for All Parents to Read!)


Summer Camp Balances – 


Methods of payment:

  1. Zelle (online payment option) – to:

Merit badge choices/preferences
 – here is a link to the class schedule:  Please begin looking at the programs and merit badge choices so that you are prepared to make your choices (coming soon).

BSA medical forms AND medication information/instructions) –  Required of all Scouts AND adults. The form has three parts – A, B, and C.  Please keep in mind part C must be filled out by a physician, so please schedule an appointment for a physical as soon as possible with doctors and pediatricians, if not done already, and take the part C to the appointment.  Once you have the medical forms FULLY completed, please contact Greg Randle at  to make plans to DROP OFF A PHYSICAL COPY. Per BSA policy, please do not email them to Greg. You can always bring them to Troop 410 meetings.

The forms can be downloaded here Medical Forms Part A, B, and C. Have questions on BSA Policies regarding medical forms? Go Here

YPT (Youth Protection Training) – ALL adults attending MUST be current with their YPT.  For those not current, they need to get current and email proof of YPT (certificate) to Susan Presnell at

Dietary restrictions –  please refer everybody to page 19-20 of the Leader’s guide OR page 3 of the Parent’s guide.   Have them fill out the special needs form. 

Bus/Transportation – 56-passenger bus as usual.  The transportation fee per scout/scouter is $240

Whitewater Adventure – If you are interested in whitewater and are NOT signed up, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the signup sheet here
  2. Choose the Summer Camp 2020 tab
  3. Add your name to the area on the right marked "1 Day Whitewater"

Footlockers/trunks  Your Scout can take a large backpack (the same as taken on other regular weekend campouts), a large duffel bag, or a footlocker (trunk).  Footlockers are obviously much larger with room for much more gear, and it is easier to access clothes and gear.  For this reason, most adults and Scouts choose to take footlockers.  The cost is well worth it, especially if your Scout is planning to attend multiple summer camps.  Here are some links to a couple footlockers (at Academy and Walmart):

Tents and cots Both are NOT needed; the camp supplies these.  The tents at camp will be the large A-frame green canvas tents on platforms which hold 2 Scouts per tent, with 2 cots in each.

Electronic policies - Not allowed at camp, but are allowed on the bus

Gear List - Coming soon

Spending Money - Scouts are encouraged to bring $50-$100 for the trip. We are deciding whether scouts will be responsible for paying for the meals directly or if this will be rolled into the cost of transportation.

Uniform policy - Class A required on entire transportation/bus ride. Class B and street clothes while there.

Mail/care package - Troop 410 discourages sending care packages for several reasons. It's only 1 week and packages often don't make it. And, this is an opportunity for the boys to disconnect and emerse themselves in the Summer camp experience. 

Trip Insurance (Optional) - Please see information from the Camp Daniel Boone Coordinator below

The Camping Committee of the Daniel Boone Council sets the policy for refunds.  They are firm in NOT giving refunds for unexpected things like illness, broken bones or other last minute things that come up.  Their reasoning for this is that there is trip insurance available to cover for such emergencies.  The Leader's Guide has a link to ONE option, but you can use whoever you wish.  To be very clear, this insurance is separate from the Daniel Boone Council.  We get zero from any insurance purchased.  It is for you.

It is critically important to understand that this trip insurance is INDIVIDUAL.  Each FAMILY in your UNIT must have the option so that you do not take the heat if something comes up.  PLEASE TELL THEM.  

In the highly UNLIKLEY but possible event that COVID-19 touches camp and we are forced to quarantine while you are in camp, trip insurance is supposed to cover for that scenario.  PLEASE make sure you know what your plan covers before you come to camp so that no one is surprised or caught short. 

It is not my intent to be alarmist, but it is important to be aware.  I am telling you this now becasue many plans require at least 60 days before the trip to get the coverage.   THANK YOU for sharing this with all your families. 

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