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Camp Hale Gear List

All Equipment must fit in the standard footlocker (sent by trailer) and small day pack (taken in vehicle). 
Foot lockers are the Contico 32”x17”x13” plastic lockers available through Academy.

  1. T-shirts (5 or 6)
  2. Shorts or pants (2)
  3. Belt
  4. Socks (5 or 6)
  5. Underwear (6)
  6. Closed toe shoes or hiking boots (2)
  7. Dirty laundry bag
  8. Swimsuit
  9. Towel for swimming
  1. 1-liter water bottles (2)
  2. Sunscreen & lip balm
  3. Bug Repellent
  4. Hat
  1. Poncho or rain suit
  2. Day pack or small backpack
  3. Boy Scout Handbook
  4. Flashlight with batteries
  5. Watch

  1. Cot
  2. Sleeping bag and/or blankets
  3. Pillow
  1. Toothpaste and toothbrush
  2. Soap & shampoo
  3. Towel for shower
  4. Shower shoes (no open toe shoes)
  1. Fishing gear
  2. Compass
  3. Drinking cup
  4. Folding chair
  5. Notebook and pen/pencil
  6. Reading materials
  7. Card and/or board games
  8. Crazy hat (for crazy hat day)
  9. Work gloves, Long-sleeved shirt and long pants for service projects
  10. Merit Badge books
  • Scouts must wear their Class A scout uniform when we leave Austin (shirt, pants, belt and socks).
  • Spending money will be deposited with a "banker" prior to leaving (bring small bills in an envelope).
  • Necessary medications will be deposited with the medical coordinator prior to leaving.
  • Merit badge materials will be bought through the camp – unless you are notified otherwise.
  • Electronic games, phones, and music devices are only allowed in the car for use while traveling.

Camp Hale's Official Gear List