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Northern Tier 2011


 Northern Tier 2011 is an 8-day canoeing trip from the Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base to Quetico National Park.  Scouts depart Austin July 18 2011, and fly to Duluth, MN.  We will bus to the base then set off on July 19 for 7 days on the many lakes and rivers of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  The 2 crews, consisting of 6 scouts and 2 adults each, return to base camp on July 25.  We depart from the base on the morning of July 26 to fly home.


Northern Tier 2011 Troop 410 Coordinator:  Brad Chandler, 302-3735 (H), 826-2633(C))


Parent Volunteers:

Medical Forms Manager:  Kent Collins (

Training Monitor:  Matthew George (

Fundraising Chair:  TBD

Team Buildling:  TBD


HOT Crew News
02-05-2011 Steven Baily joins Northern Tier 2011 Crew. NT2011 Feb 5th Meeting
01-18-2011 NT2011 Jan 18th Meeting

12-19-2010 Harrison Brown Joins Northern Tier 2011 Crew! NT2011 12-19-2010 Fundraising Meeting

12-07-2010 NT2011 7 December 2010 -- Meeting Notes

11-30-2010 December 2010 Meeting and Holiday Reminders

10-19-2010 Passport Reminders

10-6-2010 First Organizational Meeting

If you have any questions, please let Brad  know.

Crew 411

Expedition Route Planning Guide:

Voyager Handbook to Adventure:

Crew Roster:


Fund Raising

Goal:  $1500


Current preliminary fund raising activities include:

Hot Dog Sales - Lead:  Garrett

House Number Painting - Lead:  Jak

    Great Suggestion by Renee Collins on 12-27-2010:       

All, one idea I wanted to throw in was to pre-target neighborhoods.  Do up flyers and have the boys drop them off a weekend before or even a day or two before.  To get people knowing ahead of time that they are coming.  We could also put some recommendations on the flyers from a few houses they have already done.  Another way, would be to also pre-email some neighborhoods.  If they target neighborhoods with email lists or where we already know people, we could send out emails and almost take "pre-orders".  I would be happy to help with these ideas if the boys are interested.  Or if you think they might help. You may contact Mrs. Collins at


Garage Sale - Lead:  Winston (note: this option was ruled out as impractical on 12-19-2011)

Schedule:  Review and approve plans at next meeting, Dec 19.

Pinewood Derby Sales - NT2011 Crew is selling donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, hot dogs, chips and sodas at the Pack 55 Pinewood Derby on 26 February.  The event runs from 9-1 and the following scouts volunteered:  Winston, Brent, Reid, Harper, Ben, Joey, Steven and Jonathan.  Scouts will need to be there at 8:30 and will complete by 1:30


Training Manager:  Matt George

All Adults and Scouts 16 years old (in June 2011) or older attending Northern Tier should sign up for the Wilderness and Remote First Aid class on 1/7 - 1/9/2011.

                Here’s a link to the Wilderness and Remote First Aid Course.

Required Training:

    Adults:  CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Safety Afloat, swim Test, Youth Protection, Weather Hazards and Safe Swim Defense

    Scouts:  Swim Test, Canoeing Merit Badge (recommended), and First Aid Merit Badge

Illustrations on how to portage a canoe, lifting the canoe:

Team Building Events

Team Building Coordinator:  TBD


Forms Manager:  Kent Collins
Medical Forms Due: TBD
NT Medical form:
NT Parental Release Form:
Swim Form:

General Resources

NT website:
NT Participation Policy:  NT Participation Policy
General NT Resources:  General NT Resource Page

NT Program Brochure: