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NT2011 10-6 First Organizational Meeting

Folks - For those able to attend, thank you for your participation. For those not able to attend, provided is a recap of our discussion:

  • Contracts and down payments ($150) are due tonight.  I need contract and down payment from the following:
    • Benjamin Jones - both
    • Harper Hill (Contract signed)
  • It is expected that scouts will abide by the contract and support required meetings and other commitments in preparation for the trip
  • Both crews are full with scouts (6 scouts per crew)
  • Crews will NOT be together during the canoeing portion of the trip.  Crews will start and finish at the same location but will travel in opposite directions.  We will travel together by air and land but not by sea!!
  • It is not anticipated that passports wil be will be required but will be verified with Northern Tier.  Remote Area Border Crossing Permits are required for each person and will be managed by the troop
  • Great site to learn more about Northern Tier is
  • Parent volunteers are required for the following positions.  If iinterested, please let me know.
    • Medical Form Coordinator:  Kent Collins (thanks!!)
    • Fundraising Chair:  TBD (duties include defining 2 types of fundraisers and plan/organize as necessary to achieve goal.  Goal objectives need to be defined.  Example is cost of Lightweight canoes ($1,440))
    • Training:  Matthew George (determine fitness training and scout/adult training required for participants such as CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Safety Afloat, Youth Protection, Canoeing Merit Badge, First Aid Merit Badge, Weather Hazards and Safe Swim Defense.
    • Team Building Manager:  TBD (plan team building exercises and activities such as C.O.P.E. or "strongest NT Scout/Canoe Team (ex:  competition to carry canoe, supply bag and personal bag))
  • I have requested a link on the T410 website to post information pertaining to our trip
  • Next meeting in 4-6 weeks to review schedule, plan fundraising ideas, discuss required training and review team building opportunities.