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NT2011 12-19-2010 Fundraising Meeting

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holidays!  I would like to announce that Harrison Brown decided to join us for the trip.  He will be in the crew with Garrett, Harper, Jak, Ben and Jonathan.  We are glad that Harrison will be experiencing Northern Tier with us.


I also want to provide a quick summary of the meeting held on Dec 19. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the fund raising opportunities.  Provided is a summary of the discussions:

  1. The garage sale concept was determined to be a lot of work requiring more logistical support than expected.  Therefore, it was determined not a viable option at this time based upon the other options available
  2. The hot dog sale has good potential but the overall effort and potential profit are not known at this time.  It is believed that holding 2-3 hot dog sales would offer financial gains based upon previous sales.  Garrett needs to complete the financial analysis plus identify possible locations to hold the event - possible locations discussed were Academy, Wal-Mart, Dicks Sporting and REI.  Intent is to hold in March/April/May timeframe.
  3. Address painting resulted in the most excitement and anticipated profitability.  The plan was to hold multiple outings.  Each outing would be 2-hrs consisting of 4 scouts/2 parents for 12 consecutive weekends resulting in each scout performing 4 2-hr outings over a 3 month period.  The expected prices were $10 for a single address and $15 for two addresses.  Projected profit over this timeframe was around $1300.

Another important topic discussed was distribution of profits.  Obviously, the intent is for every scout to participate 100% of the time when required to generate revenue.  But we all know there are many priorities requiring attention on a weekly basis.  Current fundraising predictions anticipate 7 events across address painting (4) and hot dog sales (3).  "Rules" to determine profit distribution were discussed and need to be communicated to scouts when we get back together in 2011.  Possible rules are:

Option 1

75% attendance equates to 100% profit share

<75% but >50% equates to 75% profit share

50% attendance equates to 50% profit share

<50% attendance equates to no profit share

Option 2

% attendance equates to % profit share

Example:  90% attendance equates to 90% profit share


Enjoy the rest of your holidays.