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NT2011 5 February Meeting

Folks - provided are the notes from tonight's meeting.  Atticus - we are all wondering what you look like and if you still like us???

  1. Newest Member - Steven Bailey is filling the slot left open by Harrison Brown.  Steven will be joining the Sandwiches with Garett, Jak, Ben, Jon and Harper.  Welcome aboard Steven
  2. Hot Dog Sales (Garett) - Two dates have been identified to sell hot dogs at Sams:  March 26 and May 7.  Garett will identify the supplies needed and identify 2 scouts to lead each event as he will be unable to attend.  If you are able to support either or both dates, please e-mail Garett (
  3. Pinewood Derby Sales - We are selling donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, hot dogs, chips and sodas at the Pack 55 Pinewood Derby.  The event runs from 9-1 and the following scouts volunteered:  Winston, Brent, Reid, Harper, Ben, Joey, Steven and John.  Scouts will need to be there at 8:30 and will complete by 1:30
  4. House Number Painting (Jak) -  Seven dates are identified to paint house numbers.  Jak will e-mail the dates and times for scouts to sign up.  Each event will be 2 hrs long and consist of 4 scouts and 2 adults.  We will also investigate an e-mail campaign on neighborhood list servers.  Jak will compose the e-mail for scouts to send out and coordinate which neighborhood list servers will be used (need to ensure we do not duplicate e-mails)
  5. Passports, Passports, Passports - now is the time to start the process to get your passport.  The process does take awhile and requires both parents to physically attend to complete the process
  6. 3rd Installment is now due - This installment is $310
  7. Training - Remember to check with Mr. Ryan on your Canoeing Merit Badge status and provide information to Mr. George (

Any questions, please let us (Rick, Pat, Matt or me) know.