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NT2011 Jan 18th Meeting

Folks - provided is a recap of tonight's NT 2011 meeting.  

  • Training - Mr. George identified required training for scouts prior to the trip which includes Swim Test, Canoe Merit Badge, First Aid Merit Badge or Life Saving Merit Badge and Paddle Craft Safety.  Please complete the provided handout and delivery to Mr. George at the next scout meeting or via e-mail
  • Fundraisers
    • Jak and Garret did a great job in describing the costs and efforts associated with their fundraisers.  They will tap other scouts for support as needed to support the efforts
    • Jak will purchase the required material and create a schedule to conduct the House Address fundraiser.  The schedule will be communicated via e-mail and the website and scouts can sign up for weekends.  There will be 4 scouts and 2 adults per event and approx 10 weekends to complete the fundraiser.
    • Garret will identify the locations and work with Mr. Collins to gain approval from location property managers.  Such locations included Specs, Academy, Dicks Sports, HEB, and Breeding Company.  We anticipate 3 hot dog sale fundraisers plus the Pine Wood Derby food sale which will be held on Jan 26.  The schedule will be communicated via e-mail and the website and scouts can sign up for each fundraiser.  For each event, 2 adults will be required at a minimum.
      • Pine Wood Derby fundraiser will include donuts, coffee, sausage wraps, chips and sodas.
  • Shake downs and COPE will be scheduled by the adults over the next 4 weeks.
  • Crew names were determined tonight are are as follows:
    • Crew A - Sandwiches (Harper, Harrison, Jonathan, Garrett, Jak and Ben)
    • Crew B - Without a Paddle (Brent, Reid, Winston, Eric, Atticus and Joey)
  • Great opportunity to start looking at the material on the website for gear
  • Passports will be required so now is a good time to start the process

Any questions, please let me know.